Terms of Service Level 1


The LEVEL 1 PERSONAL TRANSFORMATION  of the Professional Certification in the body consciousness technique LK Intelligent Movement is a service of GRUPO LKMI INC., created, directed and represented by LEA KAUFMAN.

In compliance with the privacy policies of GRUPO LKMI INC., users who enroll in the Professional Certification in LK Intelligent Movement, who use the learning platform and its connected services, will express their consent, their agreement with, and their understanding of the Terms of Service and the Privacy Policy, in accordance to the following



FIRST: That for the effects of this document, The User will be referred to as THE USER, and the LEVEL 1 PERSONAL TRANSFORMATION  of the Professional Certification in LK Intelligent Movement will be referred to as THE SERVICE. GRUPO LKMI INC. will also be referred to as Intelligent Movement.

SECOND: That users must agree to the conditions of these Terms of Service. Otherwise, they will not have access to THE SERVICE.

THIRD: That hereunder they can find the Terms and Conditions of the Service, and you must read all the terms before accepting them. 

  • The User, once they have been accepted in the LEVEL 1 Professional Certification on LK Intelligent Movement, and after making the payment, they will have personal and non-transferrable access to the Learning Platform, where they will gain access to the materials and contents of The Service.
  • In order to use The Service, The User must have internet access and a device with the necessary characteristics to watch and listen to video and audio online without delays or losses of quality.
  •   This license will have a total duration of 6 months, starting when The User is accepted in the Certification. The first 4 months correspond to the training period, and The User will have 2 more months of access to all the contents of the program and all the resources of the online platform. 
  • The User will not re-distribute the materials. This license, as well as the materials of The Service, is personal and non-transferable.
  • Grupo LKMI INC. will never share your personal information or any data referring to your navigation habits with third parties, and the latter will be collected only for internal statistics.
  • We reserve the right, at our discretion, to change these Terms of Service.  In case of substantial changes to these Terms of Service, we will make reasonable efforts to communicate them to you before implementing them.
  • The Service of the LK Intelligent Movement certification LEVEL 1 is not a medical or psychological treatment and it does not substitute one. The User is responsible for its use, and relieves GRUPO LKMI INC. of any problem derived from misusing the materials.

2.1 General Information. GRUPO LKMI INC. is the owner and the operator of the websites www.leakaufman.com, www.lkintelligentmovement.com  and www.movimientointeligente.com as well as the sub-domains that stem from these platforms. GRUPO LKMI INC. offers materials in audio, video and PDF that aim for the development of awareness and for giving people tools to improve their wellbeing.

2.2 Professional Certification in LK Intelligent Movement. By acquiring The Service of the LEVEL 1 Professional Certification in LK Intelligent Movement, you will have access to a private, password protected website, exclusive for students, in which every week you will have access to the movement lessons in audio and/or video, the bibliography, the work calendars, and all the other materials of the certification, as well as other materials in audio, video and text that contribute to enrich the goals of the program.

2.3 Access to the Contents. You will have access to the contents of the LEVEL 1 PERSONAL TRANSFORMATION Professional Certification in LK Intelligent Movement as long as you are subscribed to The Service and you have complied with the corresponding payments, in accordance with the payment program that has been agreed upon with GRUPO LKMI INC. Access to the LEVEL 1 PERSONAL TRANSFORMATION Professional Certification in LK Intelligent Movement will be possible during the time frame covered by your payment. If you miss 2 or more consecutive payments, your access will be suspended and it will be regained only through the corresponding payment.

2.4 External software and additional terms. You must take into account that there may exist license agreements for the final user as well as terms of service that you may have to accept in order to use hardware and software that will give you access to The Service, but that these licenses and terms do not depend on GRUPO LKMI INC. It is possible that you will have to download or update software in order to access all the contents of The Service. If you do not agree to these terms, it is possible that your ability to use The Service will be limited. It is the responsibility of The User to keep their browser updated and to fulfill the technical requirements to use The Service.


By using The Service, you accept the observance of the following restrictions.

3.1 Age. You must be at least 18 years old in order to use The Service and to accept these Terms of Service on your own behalf. If you are under 18 years old, your father, mother or legal guardian must accept these Terms of Service and register for The Service on your behalf.

3.2 Copyright and piracy. All the contents of The Service, including the audio and video files, the texts, formats, design and programming, are property of GRUPO LKMI INC., and are protected by international copyright laws. You will not copy, reproduce, distribute or transfer the contents of The Service, including its audios, videos and texts to third parties or people not registered in this Certification. You will not reverse engineer, decompile or decipher and obtain code or any other data property of The Service. The audio and video materials will be downloadable only after graduation, and it is strictly forbidden to re-broadcast, to stream or to show them publicly, even if it is done as a free event. Any activity that goes beyond the personal and private usage of the materials is forbidden. You agree to not re-selling these materials and to not charging third parties for the use of your personal account.

3.3 Multiple account usage. You will receive login credentials to access The Service. These credentials are personal and non-transferrable, so it is forbidden to share an account between multiple individuals. If it is detected that an account is being used from different geographical locations and/or by different people, the account will be cancelled.

3.4 Etiquette and behavior. GRUPO LKMI INC. will promote a space for the interaction between users in the form of a private group on a social network. This is not a formal part of this SERVICE and it is offered to The User as a courtesy. It is up to The User whether or not to participate in this space. You agree to not use a fake name, alias, and/or email address, and to not give false information to GRUPO LKMI INC. and to other users about your identity, both in the written application to the training and in the spaces for group interaction. By giving your data, you are responsible for its veracity, and you assume the responsibility of damages to third parties derived from the veracity of this information. You agree to follow an appropriate code of conduct with the other users, and you agree to not using The Service to transmit illegal, obscene or threatening messages or materials, as well as marketing or political campaign materials and files that contain viruses or malicious code. Intelligent Movement is not responsible for the conduct of the users in these spaces for interaction.

3.5 Health. To make use of The Service you must be in a state of good health and you must not be under a medical or psychiatric treatment that limits or inhibits the physical practices that are included in The Service. The Service, as well as the exercises and activities that are part of it, do not constitute a medical treatment, nor do they substitute one. If you feel any discomfort while doing the exercises of The Service, it is your responsibility to immediately interrupt the use of The Service and seek medical help. However, and at your request, you will have the support of the LK Intelligent Movement team to do an assessment of your health state. If you are or have been in any treatment you should inform the Intelligent Movement team.

3.6 Limitation of liability. Intelligent Movement offers all the reasonable tools so that The Service is painless and does not aggravate any pre-existing psychological or physical ailment, but is not responsible for injuries, pains or physical or psychological problems that may arise from the use of the audio and video recordings that are part of The Service. Grupo LKMI INC. is not responsible for the bad use that The User makes of the Service, and for the injuries, damages or losses that The User causes in third parties as a result of a bad use of The Service. Grupo LKMI INC. does not accept any liability for any loss or additional expense caused by delay or disruption to travel services, weather conditions, civil disturbances, strikes, wars, floods, pandemics, sickness or force majeure. Such losses or additional expenses are your responsibility. Force majeure represents unusual or unforeseeable circumstances, which include: war, terrorist activities, riots, natural disasters such as fire, earthquake, flood or adverse weather conditions.


4.1 Payment. Once these Terms of Service have been read and accepted, The User must fill an electronic payment authorization through an online payment management service, which will make an automatic charge to The User’s credit or debit card on a monthly basis, in accordance with The User’s payment plan.

4.2 Cost. The LEVEL 1 PERSONAL TRANSFORMATION Professional Certification on LK Intelligent Movement has a value of four thousand two hundred fifty US dollars ($5250) if it is paid in one single installment. It has a cost of four thousand seven hundred fifty US dollars ($5750) if it is paid in 4 installments. The User has to cover the full cost in accordance to the agreement the two parties make regarding the payment plan. The User may leave the Certification at any moment. If this happens, they will have the opportunity to join one of the following two classes, in which case, the payments that have been made will be taken into account.

4.3 Refund Policy. GRUPO LKMI INC. does not offer The User partial or total refunds.

4.4 Credit cards. You must have a credit or debit card to make use of The Service. You consent to having charges made to your credit or debit card to cover the cost of The Service, in accordance with the payment plan. Intelligent Movement will provide a secure service of payment processing, but is not responsible for information theft that may happen in The User’s terminal by means of hacking, phishing, malware or any information theft method.  You accept that you are responsible for any charge made by unauthorized third parties to your credit or debit card.


5.1 Use of personal information. As a User of The Service, you give your consent for Intelligent Movement to collect the necessary information for you to make use of The Service. GRUPO LKMI INC. will not share this information with third parties and will never sell your information nor give access to external entities, except when there is a legal requirement to do so by competent authorities. By using The Service you accept the Privacy Policy, which is the document of reference in regards to the handling of your data.

5.2 Testimonials. You agree that your communications through email, in the private website forums, in the private group of the social network, via chat, and through any other electronic or mechanical means, can be used by GRUPO LKMI INC as testimonials for the promotion of this and other services via email, social media, videos, and other promotional spaces and mediums of Intelligent Movement. If this happens, The User will be notified in advance by GRUPO LKMI INC. You agree to waive your right to any compensation for the use of these testimonials. Intelligent Movement respects the privacy of its Users, and will not use private information such as email, telephone number or address of The User, and will not expose details of the private life of The User that may damage their reputation or ashame them.

5.3 Virus and loss of data. GRUPO LKMI INC. makes reasonable efforts to protect the integrity of its databases, and maintains its security systems updated with the most recent software versions. However, Intelligent Movement is not responsible for the loss of data that may occur as a result of a cyberattack, physical damage to the servers, malware, virus, or any other form of disruption in the informatics systems that may happen as a result of navigating the website in which The Service is offered.

5.4 Compensations. By accepting these Terms and Conditions, you understand and you agree that the non-compliance of the clauses has legal consequences, and you agree to relieve GRUPO LKMI INC. of any responsibility and to compensate GRUPO LKMI INC in case of losses, damages, responsibilities, legal rulings, fines, legal fees and other costs derived from the breach of this contract by The User.

5.5 Resolution of discrepancies. Any controversy or dispute that arises between the parties, will be addressed, in first instance, in a friendly way so that a solution can be reached in an agreeable manner. If the issue can’t be solved in this first instance, it will be solved in accordance with the applicable laws of Panama.


6.1 Changes in the Terms of Service. GRUPO LKMI INC. reserves the right to modify these Terms of Service at its sole discretion, without notifying The User. In the case of changes that represent a substantial modification to the Terms of Service (such as an increase of cost), Intelligent Movement will communicate with The User through the email that has been provided at the time of enrollment. We suggest that you check periodically these Terms of Service to see if there have been any changes. Your continuing to use the Service after the publication of the changes implies the acceptance of the terms.